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Invocation Liquid Smudge

Invocation liquid smudge is the reason that we rarely ever have requests for traditional smudge sticks, braids or incense anymore. This amazing stuff is made in Quebec and was invented by a wonderful shaman by the name of Blue Eagle.

Liquid Smudge is an effective energy purifier. It purifies the energy around people and places to create a healing ambiance.

The herbs in Liquid Smudge have been used for millennia by several spiritual traditions throughout the world. They are combined according to Native American ancestral procedures adapted to our modern technology. Liquid Smudge contains these herbs in the form of extracts and essential oils so each herb and plant diffuses their virtues in a synergy that amplifies their effectiveness.

Liquid Smudge is encoded by a Native American medicine technique with specific intentions. These are purification, protection, inspiration, and well being, with respect for all beings.

It takes two months to make Liquid Smudge. It's shelf life is two years. The color of the product will turn from green to yellow over time, especially if exposed to sunlight, but this does not change it's effectiveness.

Please note that we have been advised that the smallest size bottle will no longer be produced. Don't throw the one you may already have out though, it's still refillable!

Please read what Blue Eagle has to say about the creation of Invocation.

Invocation's Liquid Smudge

By it's creator, Blue Eagle

I am a Native American healer. As most of you know when First Nations perform ceremonies or healing rituals we always begin by smudging to clear the space. Well, when I was called to intensive care units in hospitals and other similar places I could not smudge. I had to work through dense energy fields in an unnatural environment without my customary purification. Tough… so I got to work. For three years I worked on a unique blend of herbs, primarily Canadian cedar, sage and sweet grass and then more herbs as specific needs were required. My research brought me all the way to France to visit a great perfumer, who passed on to me, graciously, his methodology, and several scientific institutions to devise the best possible extracts for my project. When I completed my research I was astounded and in disbelief. The essential oils in a corn spirits base, literally a natural perfume, was more efficient than traditional smudging! I had trouble accepting this in the beginning. Then a scientist explained that since the active ingredients in burning smudge are released in an altered, damaged state because of combustion, that the active ingredients in my extracts and essential oils were in a pristine intact state and thus naturally more efficient. I was still not completely convinced, but when I saw my elders start using the Liquid Smudge rather than the traditional herbs, affirming this was healthier than smoke when indoors, I was really reassured.

I then told myself that this needed to reach as many people as possible. I went back to my research and perfected the formula adding a purifying herb for each race, frankincense for the black people, sandalwood for the yellow people and French lavender for the white people. I did this so the Liquid Smudge could travel all over the world amongst all people and have the same effect on all. I then had to adjust the formula so the fragrance would be pleasing with these added scents. The end product now has 16 herbs. Then I added ceremony to bless the perfume. Ten years later I still do that, there is ceremony on every bottle of the stuff and there always will be.

What happened next, when the product hit the market, was again astounding to me. First people came up with all sorts of uses I never thought of. The very first was insomnia. The first store buyer I approached brought a sample home and put it on her pillow and left the bottle open by the bed. No more insomnia no more need for sleeping pills. That comment came back many times, so many in-fact that I put this use on the instructions sheet. Every couple of months we hear of a new way of using Liquid Smudge. The last one we heard was of a construction worker who after a hard work day will spray the Liquid Smudge over sore muscles. He says the pain goes away immediately. He buys quite a lot of it! Then the product spread and within a couple of years it was sold in over 10 countries. To quite a select group mind you, mostly healers and alternative care workers, but still this really was witness to the qualities of this unique product. I have seen a few other liquid smudge formulas over the years but nothing comes close to the energy of this spiritual perfume. One thing that really speaks to it's efficiency is that nearly everyone feels the effect of it, not just the energy sensitive healers. When I got my first loan to put the Liquid Smudge on the market, I left a sample at the bank. When I came back 3 weeks later I was surprised to see the bottle was nearly empty. When I enquired they said that late in the day all the ladies around would come looking for it. When we get tired at the end of the day there is a lot of electromagnetic pollution that has accumulated in our energy field. The Liquid Smudge clears this away, thus we enjoy added energy and a sense of calm to finish the day. I told myself, if bankers can feel this and want to use it, then everybody can. The most surprising of all experiences was at a seminar I was giving in France to about 30 people. The student had bought me flowers Friday night and we put these in the center of the circle. The seminar was on healing and people processed a lot of stuff. By Sunday afternoon the flowers were drooping. A lady stood up suddenly and said, "Look at what we can do with your Liquid Smudge, Blue Eagle". She went to the flowers, put liquid smudge on her hands and brought her hands around the bouquet. We all saw the flowers lift their beautiful heads!!!

It takes two months to make Liquid Smudge. The same time it takes to make any high quality perfume. Some of the herbs are gathered in the summer and their essences are not ready until the next year. We maintain a very high level of energy in the places and with the people that work at it. For example our company will never use machines to bottle this. People working in a beautiful place with flowers and nice calm music will always be a part of the packaging process.

Blue Eagle