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Peace Tree Candles

From Peace Tree Candles and Soaring Eagle, come these wonderful Sacred Smudge Pots.

These smudge pots are made on the Tyendenaga Mowhawk Territory, Deseronto, Ontario.

Ladybug Harbor is proud to present these beautiful PeaceTree Candles, smudge pots. They contail sweetgrass, soy based candles. They come in a smaller size and a larger size. Some are decorated with feathers on the top of the lid (like the one pictured above) and others, considered 'plain' are anything but plain, with the beautiful stone they are made of.

The history of smudgle pots being used by the Native peoples, dates back centuries. A pot was fashioned from stone or abalone shell and sacred medicine (sweetgrass, sage, cedar or tobacco) was burned in this pot. The smoke was then waved on an individual by hand or with a large feather and inhaled as a ceremonial cleansing of the spirit. This also was done alone as a personal renewal or cleansing. Prayers, good thoughts or words of thanks may also be spoken to the Creator.

PeaceTree Candles and Soaring Eagle, wish us to enjoy partaking in the rich tradition of spirit cleansing, or simply admiring the graceful beauty of these smudge pots in our homes.